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Spiritjooga – yoga attire that inspires. From Estonia with love.

Spirit is a soul. Yoga, however, derives from a Sanskrit word that stands for a “connection”. Spiritjooga combines different spheres: yoga and design, movement and relaxation, comfort and beauty.

I have been an active fashion designer for over 19 and a yoga instructor for 7 years. Spiritjooga is the result of a convergence of these two worlds. As a yoga teacher, I know perfectly which fabrics and clothes make you feel comfortable during a yoga practice. Moreover – carefully chosen attire can transform every yoga class into something holy and sacred, allowing your inner fire to truly roam free!

Spiritjooga adapts itself to different yoga styles. White and luminous colours, for example, favour openness and acceptance – that is why the colours in our collection have been picked with craft and precision. Legging-lovers can choose from a wide array of colourful designs with original patterns. They feel like a second skin and are manufactured from sustainable recycled quick-drying and breathable fabrics.

Spiritjooga’s collection has been produced right here, in Estonia, with dedication and love. The fabrics we use are concious choise. We care about the nature! All our materials are eco-friendly and innovative. Most of cottons have COTS sertification, sport fabrics are recycled  and  soft viscose have been certified according to the OEKO-TEX standard. All the patterns and motives have been designed with the utmost care and possess energetic powers.

We will keep an eye on the yoga fashion trends around the world to provide you the most exciting designs, best technical solutions and the smallest ecological footprint possible


With us you are always inspired!

Have a most exciting connection!
Katrin Kivi, the creator and designer of Spiritjooga